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Upright vacuum cleaners are designed to brush, vibrate, or beat the carpet as the suction of the cleaner lifts and loosens dust and fibres which are sucked away by the flow of air. Upright vacuum cleaners work best on large carpeted areas, and are not as efficient on bare floors.


Sebo X1.1 Automatic Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner, 1100W

This Sebo upright bagged vacuum cleaner has a powerful 1150 watt motor,computer control and uses S-class filtration. It is suitable for all floor types and carpets and can cope with pet hair too. It is lightweight (7.3kg) and easy to use. Its anti allergy design has gained the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval and this vacuum cleaner comes with a 5 year parts and 2 year labour domestic use guarantee.The automatic X vacuum cleaners switch themselves off if they are jammed or blocked or if the bag is full and they automatically adjust to the optimum cleaning height for any domestic surface. Even the bag loads into the machine automatically.There is a range of accessories available.

Sebo X4PET Automatic Vacuum Cleaner, Black-Silver 1200W

This heavy duty Sebo vacuum cleaner has a 5 year parts and labour guarantee and a computer control system. It uses S Class filtration and the cleaning head is 32cm wide. The dust bag capacity is 5.3 litres and the machine has excellent suction. There is a crevice and upholstery tool fitted. Read more reviews of this product here.

Sebo X4EXTRA Automatic Upright Vaccuum Cleaner, 1300W

This is a top of the range upright vacuum cleaner with a 1300 watt motor and computer control system. It has S Class filtration and its anti allergy design has gained the British Allergy Foundations Seal of Approval. The cleaner has an extension hose and dusting brush, a stair cleaning hose and a range of available accessories.The dust bag is easy to insert and to remove.It is light and easy to use weighing 7.4kg and is suitable for and automatically adjusts to all floor types and can deal with pet hair.


Panasonic Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner 1900w

This vacuum cleaner has a very powerful 1900w motor with a lightweight construcion (6.3kg) making it easy to manoeuvre around the home. The dust bag is easy to remove from the front of the machine and has a high dust capacity. The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts to the floor type and there is an edge to edge facility for cleaning right up to the skirting boards. The mains cord is 6.7m and there is an indicator to show you when the bag is full.


Samsung SU6760 Fido Multi Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner, 1800 Watts

The upright Fido multi cyclone vacuum cleaner with its 1800 watt motor is designed for more efficient removal of pet hair. It employs a dual brush system whereby one drum scrapes the hairs and forms thenm into balls and another drum sucks them up along with dust particles. The twin chamber system developed by Samsung uses a strong centrifugal force to remove microscopic dust particles, reduce clogging and overflow and provide long lasting suction power.Emptying the machine is very easy at the touch of a button and there is an automatic cord rewind function.

Electrolux Z3040AZ Velocity Plus Pet Lover Cyclonic Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 1900W

This cyclonic vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for pet owners. With its cyclonic action dirt, dust and tiny airborn particles sucked up are then thrown out of the air flow and collect in the dust bin. The turbo nozzle has rubber grips and picks up pet hairs and the HEPA filter helps to eliminate pet odours. The dustbin is easy to empty and the filter easy to clean. This cleaner also has a looped handle.


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