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Allergens are widely found in homes and can, in some people, cause the immune system to fight against them which causes an allergic reaction. Regular vacuuming can reduce dust mites and pet allergens. Dyson,Hoover, Sebo,Morphy Richards and Samsung all produce vacuum cleaners with the British Allergy Foundation's Seal of Approval. Allergy UK for more information about allergies.

HEPA filters Many vacuum cleaners use HEPA filters which are beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers because they trap very fine particles such as pollen and dust mites but for the system to be effective the vacuum cleaner must be able to draw ALL the air through the filter with no leakages and this requires a powerful motor.



Dyson DC26 City Wood + Wool Ultra-lightweight Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner for Smaller Homes

The Dyson D26 City vacuum cleaner is so compact and lightweight it fits onto an A4 piece of paper and yet has all the Dyson Cyclone technology and no loss of suction. The dual channel floor tool picks up dirt from all floor surfaces anad there is an adjustable wand for reaching high and distant places.Approved by no less than 12 different allergy associations worldwide including BAF and Allergie Suisse all Dyson vacuum cleaners are efficient at removing allergens.There is a 5 year guarantee too.

Vax Maxima Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

The Vax Maxima is suitable for homes with allergy sufferers as it provides hygienic dirt disposal and uses HEPA filters and high filtration dust bags. The variable power combination floor head will safely clean all types of floor and carpet. There is a crevice tool and a 2 in 1 dusting brush/upholstery tool stored on board.

Nilfisk Power Allergy 2000W High quality cylinder vacuum

This high powered Allergy vacuum cleaner has powerful suction and comes with a 5 year guarantee assuring you of its high quality. It has been subjected to rigorous testing, is robust and ready to deal with every day tasks.This vacuum cleaner is easy to manoeuvre and its chassis is set on wheels designed notto leave a mark. There is a range of on board accessories which include a combi floor nozzle,hard floor nozzle,mini turbo brush,upholstery brush,flexible nozzle,plus a 2m hose and telescopic chrome tubes and a durable synthetic cloth bag..


Sebo X4EXTRA Automatic Upright Vaccuum Cleaner, 1300W

This is a top of the range upright vacuum cleaner with a 1300 watt motor and computer control system. It has S Class filtration and its anti allergy design has gained the British Allergy Foundations Seal of Approval. The cleaner has an extension hose and dusting brush, a stair cleaning hose and a range of available accessories.The dust bag is easy to insert and to remove.It is light and easy to use weighing 7.4kg and is suitable for and automatically adjusts to all floor types and can deal with pet hair.


Thomas Genius Aquafilter Vacuum Cleaner for Allergies.

The Thomas Genius is a powerful bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner specially formulated for people with pet and pollen allergies. It maintains a constant high suction and retains 99.999% of dust by weight and pollen, bacteria and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. The new aquafilter technology means that the dirt lands in water not in a bag. You just put a litre of tap water into the machine and vacuum as usual.This new technology means that all the air coming out of the machine is clean air. When you have finished cleaning simoly pour the water away and with it go the dust, mites, pollen,bacteria and pet allergens. No dusty bags or canisters to clean. This vacuum cleaner picks up dry or wet dirt on any surface too. It has been awarded the British Allergy Foundations Seal of Approval and comes with a 2 year guarantee and free delivery to UK addresses.


Sebo K3VULCANO Compact Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, Triple Filtration, 2100W

This vacuum cleaner is very quiet,light and compact, tough and powerful and weighs only 5.5kg. It is easy to move and to store and works equally well on all floor types.Suitable for allergy sufferers and pet owners alike it copes with pet hairs and fibres. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with comfortable handle grips, lightweight telescopic tubes and combination nozzle, an air belt bumper and an easy to change bag system.

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